Accord, New York | a weekend home | the Catskills

The site of the Stretch House consists of three distinct but adjacent landscape types in the Catskills: a thick forest meets a hay field meets a meadow dotted with mature specimen trees. The house, a weekend home for a young New York City family, is sited in the seam of the three landscapes creating discrete views, one landscape at a time.  Long, parallel walls slide well beyond the exterior glass walls and roof, shaping deep spatial frames that conjoin interior space with exterior space. We hope that the contrast between the views reveals the essential nature of each landscape type, rewarding the quiet eye. Each wall is made of a single material, continuous inside to out, and like the landscapes, the different materials define distinct places within the house: local slate, white-washed wood, black corrugated metal and ivy. The walls sit on a ground plane of high-gloss concrete making a place more like landscape than house.